Hi, we are Actus

We enable the successful delivery of projects

About us

We are the Actus Group; a niche consultancy helping suppliers and Infrastructure owners & operators manage and deliver capital projects. Our approach is to provide organisations with the tools, capabilities and confidence required to deliver continuous improvements and excellence in project execution. We help our customers develop self-reliance building on their best practice and when required, providing additional capacity and capability.


Based on our extensive experience delivering projects globally, the critical aspects to successful projects are:

A firm understanding of contractual commitments
Establishing a robust baseline
Controlling change against the baseline
Managing performance against the baseline

Our passion to help customers deliver successful projects is why we started Actus. We offer three modules that underpin our engagements with customers:

Contract Management

At Actus we understand the challenges that small companies face when awarded with a large contract. Unless mitigated, risk can compromise the viability of the project and indeed in some cases the existence of the corporation.

Baseline and Change Management

Change is inherent in any project creating both risk and opportunity. Early change management is critical and requires an understanding of the contractual obligations and baseline commitments. At Actus we understand the challenges that SMEs face when confronted with multiple changes in a short period of time.

Performance Management

At Actus we understand the importance of visualisation; “we cannot improve what we cannot see”. In our experience SMEs are often obliged to monitor performance using KPIs that work for the Large End Customer or the main contractor but do not provide value or meaning for a small project delivery.

3T Services

We engage with customers offering three different services:

Turn key

Act as Project Partner for companies where project management is not a core competency.


Comprehensive consulting in all modules for those companies that have some in-house capability to deliver projects but are in need of a full project lifecycle improvement.


Selected individual modules for targeted support. Provision of resource to provide additional capacity and capability where required